Frequently Asked Questions

1.Does it make sense to pay for 4 years at Mammoth Lakes Academy?

A well-prepared high school graduate finishing college in 4 years will pay less in overall education expenses and start earning much sooner than other high school graduates not fully prepared for college.  The average US private college annual cost is $41000 (average public college annual cost is $32000).  An academically poorly prepared student graduating from a public school who needs to spend 5+ years in college will spend much more in education through college and will start earning later.

2. Do Mammoth Lakes Academy students attend college after graduation?

92% of our graduates have been accepted to 4 year universities or colleges including: UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz, UC Los Angeles, CalPoly San Luis Obispo, University of Oregon, University of Montana, American University, Boston University, Westminster College, et al.

3. Where is MLA located?

Our classrooms are located at 218 Sierra Park Road, Suite A, Mammoth Lakes, California.

4.Is the curriculum California State approved?

Yes, the students at MLA enroll as full-time students with an online California charter school.  The curriculum is both WASC approved and University of California approved.

5.Are there different levels of classes in the core curriculum?

The curriculum offers 4 different levels within core classes including both Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors classes.  Please see our “Road map to university” link for further information on courses.

6. Does MLA offer extracurricular activities?

Yes, we offer a variety of creative activities including field trips, school cooking parties, cross country skiing outings, and fund-raising events.  Many MLA students are active in organizations such as the Mammoth Leo Club and Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra.  Our program’s outdoor adventures include canyoneering, mountaineering, rock climbing, hiking, backpacking, camping, and biking.

7.Where do students get classroom materials?

All textbooks and course materials are provided.

8.How many students can enroll in MLA?

We have decided to limit enrollment in order to maintain the optimum student:teacher ratio.

9.Can MLA students participate in Mammoth Mountain winter sports?

Yes. The MLA program is designed to be flexible in order to meet the challenging schedules of active students.

10. Can students at MLA participate in MHS sports?

Non-district students in other California districts regularly participate in school sports, however this decision is made at the discretion of each superintendent and school board.

11. What if a student needs extra help in a particular subject?

A primary component of the MLA program is individual help tailored to meet each student’s needs with respect to the curriculum.

12.Can a student take vacations during the school year?

Students are free to travel throughout the year.

13.  Can MLA students take classes at other 4-year universities?

Yes, students are able to take classes from a variety of online providers.  This includes American Council on Education-approved college classes offered by Coursera.

14. Can MLA students take classes from Cerro Coso Community College?

Yes, students are able to take classes from the college, as well as other from other sources.

15. How long has MLA been educating students?

Our Head of School, Trip Armstrong, has been teaching Mammoth area high school students full time since 2005.  Before that, he taught undergraduate classes for several years at UC Davis as an ecology doctoral student.

16. Where can parents get more information about the Mammoth Lakes Academy?

Please contact Trip Armstrong an email at info@mammothlakesacademy.org.