Mission Statement


Mission Statement

Mammoth Lakes Academy

Mammoth Lakes Academy is committed to providing the highest quality education to high school students of Mono County.

We recognize that an education is a life-long pursuit that is both difficult and rewarding.  Mammoth Lakes Academy strives to provide the foundation on which each student can base a lifetime of intellectual growth and learning experiences.  We acknowledge that this achievement requires honesty, diligence, discipline, and determination.

Students at Mammoth Lakes Academy continually strive to further their educational goals and are not satisfied with the status quo.  The staff is supportive and open to explore new ways of accomplishing our learning objectives.  Mammoth Lakes Academy values individual member input.

Students at Mammoth Lakes Academy also venture far outside the classroom and explore the surrounding world in exciting and challenging ways.  Our students nurture a deep self-awareness, as well as knowledge of ecology and the environment through participation in these outdoor activities.  Additionally, this respect for oneself and the natural world provides a firm foundation on which our students become responsible world citizens.

We are dedicated to interacting with our students, parents, teaching staff, and community in order to build positive relationships.

Trip Armstrong, Head of School